It’s only after buying the BMW N62 V8, and driving for some time do most owners repent their investment. This is because its transfer pipe starts leaking within just 40,000 miles of running it.
To make things worse, this BMW coolant leak problem isn’t easily repaired. It may be just a coolant leak due to a faulty seal. It, unfortunately, takes as long as 60 labor hours to repair and will cost you thousands of dollars.

The trigger

This problem exists in the BMW models of 5 series, 6 series and 7 series and X5 BMWs from 2002-2010 that run on the popular BMW engine, the N62 V8. It was during the manufacturing process of the N62 engine that the coolant transfer pope was first installed through the engine block’s front, and then the Timing Chain Cover (TCC) was fit.
It’s however difficult and expensive to remove the installed TCC if you have to fit in a new factory-made BMW Coolant Transfer Pipe through the engine front.
There’s a second option for removing the TCC which is by removing the Intake Manfold and then cutting out the old TCC from inside the engine block. A new Collapsible Coolant Transfer Pope (CCTP) is then installed in its place.
With so many companies manufacturing CCTPs, this has become the most commonly used means of repairing leaking CTP. Besides, the Intake Manifold is cheaper and quicker than removing the Timing Chain Cover.
However, both repair options pose problems later on. The coolant transfer pipe and collapsible transfer pipe’s front seal can leak at the same place again in the future.

Bimmerfix stent as a solution

Bimmerfix makes a much better repair option for BMW coolant leak problems. This pipe coolant repair system helps repair the leak without having to even remove the engine from the BMW.
All you need to do is remove the water pump and place a stent in it. It stops the leak on the BMW N62 V8 engine by creating a metal lining inside the Coolant Transfer Pipe’s front seal.
The stent is made of aluminum alloys similar to the alloys used in the BMW. This is ensures it expands and contracts like the engine whenever it heats and cools in normal operating conditions. It’s easily installed through the Timing Chain Cover’s hole.
The Bimmerfix coolant transfer pipe repair system not only saves you money and time but also offers a lifetime warranty on the repair for as long as you own the car.

Installing the Bimmerfix stent

Installing the Bimmerfix stent is something any auto repair shop mechanic will be able to do for you. In fact, it’s so easy to use that even you can do it if you are skilled with DIY tasks. The kit anyway comes with everything you need for the repair task including sponge brushes, gloves, and detailed instructions.
It is generally recommended to also install a new water pump if and when you have to install the Bimmerfix Stent and vice versa. This means that it is better to install a BimmerFix Stent if and when you replace BMW’s water pump.
This is a cheap but effective preventive means of preventing any possible future damage or leaking of the Coolant Transfer Pipe’s Front Seal.

Repair costs and time

The cost to install the BimmerFix stent to your BMW V8 N62 engine includes its cost, the labor and material cost for replacing the Water Pump, and an additional two hours of labor costs.
You may have to sand and prepare the Timing Chain Cover, using the BimmerFIx accompanying sanding and cleaning rods. So on an average, you will need about an hour or two to install the Bimmerfix Stent, depending on whether you have to do some additional sanding of the Timing Chain Cover or not.
So you see, you have a much stronger and durable means of repairing a BMW coolant leak problem through the BimmerFix Stent. It saves you thousands in labor costs and hours of work.
Visit BimmerFix Stent to find out more of their product that can make you proud of your BMW car once again.