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Worked as promised. Literally saved me thousands

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Item work great!! fast shipping. always there to help with question A+ A+

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Great ebayer!! Nice kit that really works and saved me thousands of dollars!!

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Awesome seller 100%, Satisfaction, 100% repair, Can’t thank you enough!

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Excellent product , Excellent service! Will do business again! Super fast!!!!!

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Awesome product..great customer service answered calls immediately THANKS

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Fixed the leak myself (female) waited a few weeks to comment & NO LEAKS! WORKS!!

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Quick delivery and amazing product. 1st class ebayer would def recommend prod:-)

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I repaired the weep hole leakage on my X5 4.4i N62 engine using the sleeve from Bimmerfix. It is an easy DYS project that required only removal of the water pump. The longer process was sanding the ID if the water pipe to fit the sleeve inside. Repair kit came with sanding rod and detail instruction. Great service from

Yeah Gotta say I drive my car a TON and the stent has worked for me. I’ve put a lot of miles on my car since I installed the stent and to this point no issues with leaks or anything. Biggest obstacle I faced was the sanding as I had to do a lot it seemed to get the stent far enough back in the water pump opening. Other than that smooth sailing. And I must say Jeff at BimmerFix answered ALL my calls and really reassured me through the process.

I just did the Bimmerfix solution on my 645 and its holding up very well. I frankly think its a more permanent solution than replacing the coolant pipe, at least for the front seal which is where 99% of the leaks occur. Its also relatively easy to do yourself.

I’m not sure you Noticed , but this topic was started 11-23-2013, 08:46 PM & there are updates all through the topic . It is now 9/8/2015 & My Buddy who we originally did this fix for , Has had no issue’s at all with leaking …

My ’08 550i @ 118K started a strange, rattling noise a few days ago, and the engine stethoscope told me that it was the water pump.  While searching for information on water pump replacement, I stumbled across the product, and I was literally wide-eyed at its simplicity. It’s a “WOW! Duh!” palm-to-the-forehead type of product.

Like Skarv, I’m an engineer (Mechanical, pump and pipe guy, moving liquids around is my bread and butter), and I have to second everything he’s said about it. The simplicity is downright elegant and it is indeed a better fix for the front seal than replacing the original pipe or even the expandable pipe. The addition of so much sealing area and the increased support for the existing seal are both huge improvements over either of the other fixes.

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~~I made the repair approx. 5 weeks ago. The product arrived quickly…. great seller. The product and instructions were exact. The only issue I had was the coolant pipe in my car seemed to be misaligned, I had to carefully use a half round fine file on the bottom half of the pipe. I have been driving the car daily and it is working perfectly. I would highly recommend this product. I just bought the car and I was a little upset to find this problem a month later so Thank You for a job well done. By the way my car is a 2006 750li with 180,000 miles and I did use the conditioner. Thank you again Michael Sweet

~~Just wanted to thank you on your product, saved me $1000’s. Highly Recommend it. Jeff actually took the time on the phone to explain the process and very willing to walk you through the process. Thank you Luis Gomez