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BimmerFix Coolant Transfer Pipe Repair System

Lifetime Money-Back Warranty

This Lifetime Warranty is extended to the original Buyer of record, for as long as that Buyer is the owner the car.  If you are ever unsatisfied with our product for any reason, please mail your sales receipt to us with a letter explaining the problemand your purchase price will be refunded.  

Remember, it is NOT NESSESARY to add the bottle of BimmerFix Cooling System Sealant and Conditioner, in order to stop the coolant leak coming from the Coolant Transfer Pipe.  This Cooling Pipe leak is repaired by the installation of the BimmerFix Stent.  However, if you have an engine coolant leak from the Rear Coolant Passage, Valley Pan Seal, Alternator Housing Gasket, or any other cooling system leak, that it is necessary to drive the vehicle for approximately 200 miles after the installation of the BimmerFix Cooling System Sealant and Conditioner. 

This Warranty only covers the original purchase price of the product.  This Warranty DOES NOT cover labor charges for installing the product, removing the product, or any incidental costs.  Please verify you have a BMW N62 V-8 engine before purchase this product.

Please contact us at 1-800-532-8937 or 1-520-544-4400 with any questions. 

Thanks for YOUR business!!!

BimmerFix Products Company

P.O. Box 13044

Tucson, Arizona, 85732   USA