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BimmerFix Coolant Transfer Pipe Repair System

BMW Engine Coolant Leak Through Hole
BimmerFix Can Stop The Leak

The Front Seal on this BMW N62 V8 Coolant Transfer Pipe can fail in as little as 40,000 miles.  The repair on this internal engine seal requires many hours of labor and can cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!

BimmerFix Old Seals Leak
BrimmerFix Fix Coolant Leaks

The BimmerFix Stent STOPS THE LEAK on the BMW N62 V8 engine by creating a metal inner lining inside the Front Seal of the Coolant Transfer Pipe.  The Stent is easy to install through a hole in the Timing Chain Cover, and is made of aluminum alloys which is similar to the alloys used by BMW, in order to match the expansion and contraction of the engine as it heats and cools during normal operation.

The BimmerFix Stint
BimmerFix Lifetime Warranty

Each BimmerFix Coolant Transfer Pipe Repair System includes; The BimmerFix Stent, a tube of BimmerFix Coolant Pipe Sealant, a bottle of BimmerFix Cooling System Sealer & Conditioner, two round sanding rods, a Cleaning Rod, six Sponge Brushes, Gloves, Detailed Instructions and a Case.

BimmerFix Beats The Competition

A leaking Front Seal on a Coolant Transfer Pipe of the BMW V-8 N62 engine is a common problem that is very expensive to repair. The N62 V8 is a popular BMW engine that was used in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, in such fabulous vehicles as the BMW 735i & 735Li ( E65 & E66 ) 740i & 740Li ( E65 & E66), 745i & 745Li ( E65 & E66 ), 750i & 750Li ( E65 & E66 ), 645Ci & 650i ( E63 & E64 ) , 540i ( E60 & E60 ), 540i 545i & 550i ( E60 & E61 ), and the X5 ( E53 & E70 ) SUV. When BMW originally built the N62 engine at the factory, the Coolant Transfer Pipe (part # 11 14 1 439 975) was installed through the front of the engine block, before the installation of the Timing Chain Cover. However, once the engine is installed in the vehicle, it is very expensive to remove the Timing Chain Cover, in order to be able to install a new factory made BMW Coolant Transfer Pipe through the front of the engine. A second method was later developed, which involves accessing the Coolant Transfer Pipe by removing the Intake Manifold. Once the Intake Manifold has been removed, then the old Coolant Transfer Pipe can be cut-out of the inside of the engine block, and a new “COLLAPSIBLE COOLANT TRANSFER PIPE” is installed in it’s place. There are several companies who manufacture these Collapsible Coolant Transfer Pipes. This is the most commonly used method of repairing a leaking Coolant Transfer Pipe because it is cheaper and faster to remove the Intake Manifold, than the original factory method of removing the Timing Chain Cover. The problem with both of these methods is that the Front Seal on both the factory installed Coolant Transfer Pipe, and the after-market “Collapsible Transfer Pipe” could eventually LEAK AT THE SAME PLACE AGAIN in the future. The BimmerFix Stent offers a MORE DURABLE METHOD of repairing a leaking Front Seal on a Coolant Transfer Pipe, that is also much less expensive to install. The seal created by the BimmerFix Stent is more durable because it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy that is made of a similar alloy as the BMW engine. The BimmerFix Stent actually provides a METAL LINER and bonds to the Coolant Transfer and Timing Chain Cover, using the special high-temp BimmerFix Coolant Pipe silicon sealant. This BimmerFix Sealant is able to be continuously immersed in antifreeze, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. The labor to install the BimmerFix Stent is usually only approximately one hour more shop time than is required to replace the Water Pump. In fact, we recommend that a new Water Pump be installed when installing the BimmerFix Stent. And, vise-versa, we recommend that a BimmerFix Stent is installed in a vehicle when the Water Pump is being replaced. This is an inexpensive preventative measure which could help to prevent future failure of the Front Seal of the Coolant Transfer Pipe.

BimmerFix Cooling System Sealer & Conditioner

BimmerFix Bottle
Rear Coolant Passage Cover

The BimmerFix Cooling System Sealer & Conditioner IS NOT REQUIRED to stop the “weep hole” leak from the Front Seal on the N62 Coolant Transfer Pipe.  The Front Seal leak is repaired by the BimmerFix Stent.  However, The BimmerFix Cooling System Seal & Conditioner is designed to condition and seals (#4) of the Coolant Transfer Pipe (#3), Valley Pan and Gasket (#1), as well as the gaskets of the rear Coolant Passage Cover (#5)!!!  The rear Coolant Passage Cover Gasket (#5) is very expensive to replace because it requires the removal of the transmission and the rear exhaust system.

Anatomy of An Engine
Inside of an Engine
Coolant Pipe Repair System

Photo of the rear of the engine block of a BMW N62 engine with the transmission removed. The blue lines on the photo (above) illustrate the location of the rear coolant leak from the Rear Coolant Passage Cover.